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Traffic Signal Poles
  • Road Safety Traffic Signal Poles

Road Safety Traffic Signal Poles

Road Safety Traffic Signal Poles


Traffic sign posts are also known as road sign posts, highway sign posts,Road safety Signal poles and columns on both sides of the highway to indicate the traffic route

The traffic sign pole is made of steel pipe and its surface is hot-dip galvanized


Traffic sign posts are divided into single cantilever sign posts, double cantilever sign posts, double column sign posts and single column sign posts

Hot dip galvanized sign pole and various columns

Main purpose

It is widely used in expressways, urban highways and various roads

Product introduction

The main materials are Q235, Q345, 16Mn, alloy steel, etc., and the length is between 1.5m and 12m


1.It is basically composed of road traffic signal pole and traffic sign pole, which shall be composed of vertical pole, connecting flange, modeling support arm, installation flange, embedded steel structure, etc.  2. The welding parts of the vertical pole and its main components shall meet the requirements of smooth surface, flat and smooth welding place, no air hole, welding slag, false welding, missing welding and other defects.  

3. Straight seam steel pipe or seamless steel pipe shall be adopted for vertical pole or cross arm; Steel pipes with the same cross arm shall be used at the joint of the vertical rod or cross arm, which shall be connected with flange and protected with welded reinforcing plate; The vertical pole and foundation shall be connected by flange and embedded bolts.

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