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Spraying Plastic Guardrail
  • Plastic spary highway road guardrail factory supply

Plastic spary highway road guardrail factory supply

Plastic spary highway road guardrail factory supply


The plastic sprayed guardrail beam adopts heavy anti-corrosion treatment, and the internal coating is hot-dip galvanized layer, which has strong ability to absorb collision energy and good line of sight guidance function. The surface coating is all polyester powder coating, which is firmly integrated with the substrate by electrostatic spraying.

technical data,

Adhesion: after the cross cut test, the coating has no peeling off and other phenomena.

Impact: no peeling and cracking.

Chemical reagent resistance: no blasting, softening, loss of adhesion and other phenomena.

High and low temperature: no fold, expansion, falling off, etc

Accelerated weather resistance: no large discoloration, crack, damage and other phenomena

Brine spray: no foaming, peeling, rusting and so on.


Fence, decoration, protection and other facilities in industry, agriculture, municipal administration, transportation and other industries

1. Plastic sprayed guardrail W Beam is the main form of semi-rigid guardrail. It is a continuous structure with corrugated steel guardrail boards spliced with each other and supported by columns.

2. It uses the deformation of soil foundation, column and beam to absorb collision energy, and forces the out of control vehicle to change direction and return to the normal driving direction, so as to prevent the vehicle from rushing out of the road, so as to protect the vehicle and passengers and reduce the loss caused by the accident.

3. The plastic sprayed guardrail W Beam is both steel and flexible, which can coordinate with the road alignment and has a beautiful appearance. It can be used on small radius curves, and the damaged parts are easy to replace.

Manufacturing process of high-quality steel plate after anti-corrosion treatment: high-quality steel plate is galvanized and sprayed with plastic.

Plastic sprayed guardrail Corrugated beam crash barrier are generally classified according to the setting location and anti-collision grade. According to the location, it can be divided into roadside guardrail and median guardrail.

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