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What is a W Beam Guardrail

Date: 20-05-2022ID: 18Views:

What is a W Beam Guardrail 

Corrugated guardrail of expressway is the main form of semi-rigid guardrail. The main guardrail is supported by the continuous corrugated steel column. It uses the deformation of foundation, column and beam to absorb the collision energy, force the out of control vehicle to change the direction and restore the normal driving direction, so as to prevent the vehicle from rushing out of the road, so as to protect the vehicle and passengers and reduce the loss caused by the accident. It is mainly used for fencing, decoration, protection and other facilities in industries such as industry, agriculture, municipal administration and transportation. Corrugated guardrail is known as the hero of protection engineering, especially the expressway corrugated guardrail, which plays an important role in modern life.

2) There are many functions of Expressway corrugated guardrail, which are mainly reflected in the following aspects. First, the barrier function of corrugated guardrail board of expressway. Traffic wave barriers will block bad traffic behavior and pedestrians or bicycles or motor vehicles trying to cross the road. It requires the corrugated guardrail to have a certain height, a certain density (referring to the vertical fence) and a certain strength. Therefore, the high-speed corrugated guardrail is divided into five anti-collision levels according to different anti-collision levels, which are respectively applied to the corresponding highway sections. Separation function of corrugated guardrail board of expressway. The traffic wave guardrail separates the traffic of motor vehicles, non motor vehicles and pedestrians, and separates the road longitudinally on the road section, so that motor vehicles, non motor vehicles and pedestrians can drive separately, which improves the safety and traffic order of road traffic Especially on the highway, the surrounding vehicles, pedestrians and other cattle, sheep and livestock are protected.