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The Functions of highway guardrails

Date: 20-05-2022ID: 17Views:
The main functions of expressway guardrail are as follows:

1. Warning function: the outline of the guardrail is concise and clear through installation, and the driver should pay attention to the

 existence of the guardrail, pedestrians and non motor vehicles to prevent traffic accidents.

2. Separation function of expressway guardrail board: the traffic guardrail separates the passage of motor vehicles, non motor vehicles 

and pedestrians, and vertically separates the roads on the road section, so as to separate motor vehicles, non motor vehicles and pedestrians,

 improve road traffic safety and improve traffic order.

3. Barrier function of highway guardrail board: traffic guardrail will block bad traffic behavior and pedestrians, bicycles or motor vehicles trying

 to cross the road. It requires guardrails to have a certain height, a certain density (referring to vertical bars) and a certain strength.

4. Aesthetic function: achieve harmony with the road environment through different materials, forms, shapes and colors of guardrails.